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- 120+ handmade (with love) levels.

- Dozens of obstacles and helpers.

- Various power-ups.

- Dynamic gameplay.

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Beam Ball

Pull, Aim and Let a ball go. Sounds simple, but only firm hands and a sharp eye will make you a master of Beam Ball.



Various power-ups that can help if you're stuck.

Power Ups

120 levels

We've constructed them carefully ourselves. Also, we're going to add more.

 Each level set is different and

brings new game mechanics. 

Game changer obstacles

Easy to play, but hard to complete.

You can think that it's a simple casual game, however, a dozen of game mechanics will change your first impression.

We don't use a level generator. Each level is "handmade" and for each of them, we've drawn a unique obstacle. Each level set has its own colour scheme, theme and game mechanic.

Unique art and original levels.

Beam Ball on Behance

You can find out how the game has been created on Behance

We are a small game and art studio. We're creating games because we love games. Also, we think that any game or application should be an art object and please your eyes. Let's make this world colourful and interesting.

Arbalet Games

Oleg Klevtsov

Creative Director / Artist

Developer / Bryukh

Valentin Bryukhanov

Technical Artist / Animator

Vlad Godin

Actually, this is the whole team

The team